Monday, December 14, 2009

From the The Oklahoma Daily to the New York Times

Photo provided by Jason Ride
Jason Rider on set of a shoot in the Arizona Dessert.

With each page running through your fingers, the fabric in the pictures comes to life. Clothes that many never even dream of owning seem with in arms reach and for a second the world stops. Each page is flawless and every unique detail makes it unlike any other, it’s the T Magazine, The New York Times style magazine.
Jason Rider, fashion assistant for T Magazine knows first hand the time and effort that goes into producing a successful magazine. But it was not long ago that he was just another student at the University of Oklahoma. For many students, working at such a prestigious company is a goal but not necessarily a reality, and that’s exactly why I chose Jason Rider for my final. The fact that he was once in the same place as many of us makes me feel like my dreams can become a reality.

The magazine industry seems like a glamorous industry where sample sales and high-end work trips are a common occurrence, and according to Jason it is that glamorous, but the numbers would beg to disagree. With the down turn of the economy the media industry is struggling to stay afloat and the magazine industry is no different. The content of most news magazines has changed drastically from celebrity news being a chart topper to national news taking over people’s interest. An advertising slump that occurred in 2008 left the magazine industry at a loss, according to The New York Times, advertising revenue has significantly decreased in the last year and with less money that means less jobs. Though for Jason Rider the poor economy has actually helped him secure his job. Jason said that having come from a diverse background he was able to be more of an asset to the publication. Also because of his hard work and dedication he is admired by many of his old professors such as Kathryn Jenson White.

Jason is not the typical New York Times employee; having come from Oklahoma, Jason’s experience in the fashion industry was self-motivated. His mother’s love for fashion rubbed off on him at a young age but it was his diverse range of minors at the University of Oklahoma that set him apart from other applicants. With a major in Professional Writing and several minors such as Film and Video studies and Liberal Arts Jason’s non-traditional route led him exactly where he wanted to be. By blogging about fashion and religiously reading magazines Jason was able to take his love for fashion and turn it into a profession.
After researching the magazine industry I have found that it is exactly what I thought it was. I firmly believe that everyone deserves to have a job they look forward to going to every morning when they wake up, and for me this is that job. Though the economic times are tough, the people I have talked to about the industry have yet to notice the effects of the down turn. For me working in the magazine industry is worth every sacrifice it takes to get there.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tayler Pierce is a Sophomore at The University of Oklahoma, she has drive, motivation and will power, all things you need to be a great athlete. Tayler runs miles each day training for her upcoming marathon but practice alone is not enough to help Tayler overcome the challenges she faces, she also needs doctors. When she was 16 Tayler was diagnosed with MRSA a form of staph that cannot be treated with medication. Since then she has had to undergo many surgeries and takes extra precautions, but all of these obstacles have yet to keep Tayler from doing what she loves.