Friday, September 25, 2009

The kick-off of a new year..

OU Cousins Kick-Off

Chatter echoed off the walls, anxiety turned into anticipation and a feeling of acceptance filled the room at the OU Cousins Kick-Off Wednesday evening.

The event gave OU students, international students, and foreign exchange students the opportunity to socialize with one another in the hope of finding a potential OU Cousin.

Every student who attended the event registers to be matched, the way matching works is that students can either request another student whom they have met that evening or can be paired up randomly, says Event Coordinator Michael Nash. But no matter what every student will be matched.

This program created by President and Mrs. Boren is one of the many ways OU shows their hospitality to foreigners.

“Its really good when you walk across campus and you need to know about something or where something is you can talk to anyone or you can go to any office and everyone is really nice and I really like all the facilities that you can use. “ foreign exchange student, Jorge Vaez said.

Junior Nikki Head says its not only a great way to meet friends and get involved with other organizations on campus it also helps people who are looking to study abroad, it gives you a better feel for what students from other countries are like.

The kick-off was only the beginning of the events that OU Cousins has planned, the rest of the year. Students will be given the opportunity to learn about different cultures with events just as, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, an International sweets fair and much more.

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