Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here we are to worship. . .

Praise, worship, and faith were just three of the elements that students brought to Thursdays Stumo meeting. The music playing and the high energy drew people in to the building but it was the warm faces and love that keep people coming back.

Stumo is a non-denominational religious group that is directed towards college students. The bible study meets each week to help walk students through the bible and give them a chance to discuss their faith with fellow students.

Sooner Campus Director Brent Orr said that the goal of Stumo is to raise up spiritual leaders who will reach out to other students on campus.

The organization has been on campus for 5 years and has grown in numbers each year.

Orr said the group meets every week on Thursday nights but also has 30 to 40 student hosted bible studies through out the week on campus.

“It has given me a spiritual community outside of my sorority and my church, with more fellowship and community worship with other college students,” Sophomore Shannon Bass said.

“We see colleges as a sending base to spiritual leaders, we find people that have a heart for god and a heart for people and we send those people out to the world,” Orr said.

For students who want to take their love for god off campus Stumo offers a summer program. Kaleo is a nine week project for spiritual training that students can apply to participate in. The group will spend their time learning about worship and the practical skills for starting an on campus ministry group.

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  1. Ana, nice job! I have one question - why did you not take a picture at the meeting? We will discuss ... ;-) julie