Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who let the dogs out

Photo By: Ana Valentine
Second Change Animal Shelter had puppies like this beagle/hound mix for adoption at Dog Day Afternoon at Reeves Park sunday.

Hundreds of volunteer hours and public awareness campaigns are things that look good on paper for the Animal Volunteer Alliance group, but it is the hearts they touch that make the biggest difference.

With Oklahoma having the second most puppy mills in the United States, the Animal Volunteer Alliance also known as A.V.A is an animal welfare group on campus that strives to make changes in animal treatment in Norman.

“We believe we should help because we have an advantage over animals there for it is our job to care for them,” President Kathryn Hodges said.

The group was started last year and has been continually growing ever since, volunteers are required to have 5 hours of volunteer hours a week, but many exceed this.

As many of us are animal lovers, the group focuses on educating students about proper animal care and raises awareness about the responsibilities of animal ownership.

President Kathryn Hodges said that many college students do not think of the time and responsibility that come with owning an animal. They think about what they want, rather than if the animal would benefit from having them as an owner.

“I got a dog from the shelter because I knew they had no other life if i didnt help.
there are so many dogs that die daily and I wanted to help, also shelter dogs come with all the shots and they are fixed,” student Rebecca Redcorn said.

Redcorn said that she later sold the dog because she realized he needed a home that could give him more attention and afford him financially.

The group will be participating in various volunteer activities through out the year such as the Wild Care Open house and Second Chance events. For an opportunity to give back you can donate a bag of cat food to the A.V.A box in the Union.

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  1. Ana,
    Awesome photo! Watch out for phrases like "As many of us are animal lovers..." Great job, julie