Sunday, November 1, 2009

Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting...

Photo by: Ana Valentine
Students join the Alpha Delta Kappa Phi sorority in a self-defense class led by the Student Martial Arts Association.

Discipline, passion and athleticism are some of the things a martial artist needs to succeed in the sport, or for the Student Martial Arts Association just pure interest will do the trick.

Started last year the SMAA has kicked things into high gear and has opened the organization to any one who has an interest in martial arts, whether it’s the lifestyle, the culture or the desire to learn some new moves.

Armed with a President who has 15 years of martial arts experience the organization has started to branch out to get involved on campus.

President Kevin Windham said the group participates in service projects, OU’s Big Event, UFC watch parties, the science of fighting lectures, and even self-defense seminars.

“Self-defense is a martial artists quick and dirty way of introducing broad concepts to people in order for them to defend themselves in a violent conflict setting, and essentially how to get away as quickly as possible to safety,” Windham said.

Last week the SMAA reached out to other organizations and lent a helping hand to a sorority on campus.

In honor of their lost sister, the sorority and the SMAA hosted a self-defense class.

“We do workshops so we can help others use the lessons that martial arts can teach us, to help take care of ourselves,” Pledge Class President, Yen Le said.

“I think self-defense saves lives, and encourages women in particular to have a sense of confidence in themselves and know that they are by no means defenseless when an aggressor comes to them.” Windham said.

The group will meet again next Sunday from 7-9pm. For more information you can visit their website

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