Sunday, November 15, 2009

baby steps for baby feet

Photo by: Ana Valentine

Pro-Life Ambassadors fight to save the lives of unborn children at risk of being aborted.

Students are faced with choice each day, they have the option of standing up for what they believe in or taking a step back, a year ago a group of students decided to take a stand against something they were passionate about. Pro-Life.

Last fall Jared Clary with the help of students from Pursuit College Ministry decided to make and start the Pro-Life ambassadors.

The group is dedicating to educating Oklahoma Students on the issues of abortion and also reaching out to students in a crisis pregnancy situation.

“We hold organizational meetings to discuss plans and become better educated on the abortion issue. We also engage in campus activism events like booths in the Union and displays on campus,” President Jared Haines said.

The issue of abortion is a controversial subject and one that many students steer clear of, but last November the Pro-Life ambassadors made it hard avoid by putting graphic diagrams along the South Oval.

Like many times in life there are always people who will not agree with you.

“Some pro-choice people here at OU aren't willing to have a civil conversation where they admit flaws in their arguments,” Haines said.

The group is open to new members or people wanting to help out.

Member Casey Merick said they try and bring people to speak at the meetings who have more knowledge over the Pro-Life position in order to help members learn to better argue their position.

For more information on the group and their upcoming activities you can visit

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