Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bright Lights... Big City...

Photo by: Ana Valentine

As the year progresses and students becomes more involved on campus they begin to reek the benefits of being active in The University of Oklahoma’s wide range of student organizations.

Four days after leaving for New York City the Magazine Interest group returns home to Norman Oklahoma with a new experience under their belt and information to help them further their careers in the magazine industry.

The group visited Parents, People, Glamour and New York Times magazine while in the Big Apple. They met with some of the top editors in the business and were able to tour the magazine to get a feel for the ways things were run.

“New York City gave me the opportunity to meet influential people in the Public Relations side of the magazine industry and helped me branch out and make connections,” Senior Kim Jones said.

Not only did the students visit four magazines they also had a free day to explore the city and see a different style of living.

“When I walked into the sculpture room at the met I actually cried,” Senior Kristi McMullen said. “I was so overwhelmed, it was incredible.”

Out side of Oklahoma and campus life is a completely other world and trips to other places gives students the opportunity to see what else is out there.

“Students need to go beyond the borders of Oklahoma because life is so much bigger than your home state and lets students find out where they want to work or where they don’t,” Advisor Kathryn Jenson White said.

The Magazine Interest Group will be hosting other events this year such as magazine swaps, resume writing and resume critiques.

“It feels great because all the hard work put in has proven to be a success because everyone gained so much from it,” Vice President Chinh Doan said.

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  1. Ana,
    Nice way to turn it as a newsie event. Watch your grammar! Good quotes, beautiful pic! Hope you guys had fun,